We need your help! Now that we've exhibited the Black Man Simulator last February and garnered such an amazing reaction-- it's time to take it up a notch!  We recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to help our team in procuring production equipment for more interviews and to build the virtual environments for more scenarios. If you have a moment or know someone who would...
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Black Man Simulator | A Human Experience

Black Man Simulator
Since early 2014, Deigratia and his team have been experimenting with virtual reality and how to take it from the world of video games and utilize it to create social change. From there, Deigratia conducted interviews with close friends, colleagues, and folks from the community to gain multiple perspectives on what types of experiences and interactions black men in America face...
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About Deigratia

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Motivated to create and collaborate, Artist | Engineer | Inventor, Deigratia Daniels finds ways to for art and science to collide. Graduated from Florida A&M in 1999, Deigratia works in the community and for the community, leading robotics teams from Wheeler and Georgia Tech, working at Lockheed Martin in flight simulation and running his tech consulting business, Transluce...
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